Interview with Mr Noy – Stray Asia Guide

The following is an interview with Stray Asia Tour leader “Mr Noy” by power blogger Cindy Fan.

Meet the Stray Crew

Meet Noy, one our local guides in Laos who will entertain you with facts, stories and in-depth insight into Lao culture and history.

Mr Noy - Stray Asia Local Guide
Mr Noy – Stray Asia Local Guide

Mr. Noy – Local Guide in Laos

Home, before Straying: a village near Nong Khiaw.

What is your favorite place on the tour?

I love Kong Lor Cave in Khammouane province. I like that place a lot because of the nearby village – it’s a small village. And especially the Kong Lor Cave, inside the cave it is very beautiful, with stalactites and stalagmites. And in front of the cave, during dry season, the water is blue and you can swim in it, you can jump in from the rocks, do backflips, see many fish in it. I love that place.

Why do you love being a Stray guide?

Because I can travel around Laos, I get to meet new people all the time, make new friends from all over the world.

Can you share a funny story from one of your trips?

We were in Vang Vieng, at a restaurant. We were having barbecue and Tour Leader Steve-O asked one of the travellers, a girl from Norway, if she wanted to try dog. And the girl said, “Yes!” so Steve-O told her to ask the shop owner, “Koi mak xi ma.

Koi mak xi ma” in Lao actually means, “I like to have sex with dog!” The girl went to the shop owner, bowed a little bit and said “Koi mak xi ma!” The shop owner burst out laughing. When I translated it for her, we all laughed so hard!

What do you want your travellers to take away from the trip and the experience in your country?

Laos is quite new for tourists. It’s good if they can tell all their friends about what Laos is like and have their friends come visit Laos.

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Mr Noy Explains to a traveller
Mr Noy Explains to a traveller
Mr Noy and a Stray passenger slurp some mystery liquids!
Mr Noy and a Stray passenger slurp some mystery liquids!

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