Easy tiger – tourism I hate

This is the view from the table of the place where a travel agent/tour operator who we are looking to work with took us for lunch yesterday. The tiger is totally out of it – in the name of tourism. They put them in this state so that tourists (not what we call travelers) can sit on them and get photos. This horrifies me – it’s like the New Zealand rugby union drugging up Sonny Bill Williams (if you don’t know who he is hopefully you will after the rugby world cup) and putting him in a glass box so people can get photos (so they can try and recoup their investment – this may not be a bad idea actually). I must do some more research as the tigers we could see appeared healthy – just drugged out (is this what people on Ibiza look like?) so there may be some positive impact on maintaining tiger numbers – but I doubt it.

This activity would be infinitely better if they put the idiot humans in with non drugged tigers – a proper adventure sport practiced since roman times.


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