Now in Chiangmai – try something different

I have just seen one of our groups off – I spent ages talking to one of our guides ‘Yuval’ and learnt about heaps of detail of what our groups are doing – like a cool bush sauna where our customers literally get partly cooked by the locals. I really am on a mission this trip to collect more detail about what we do and work out how to communicate that to people better. I love the quote from the book/movie ‘the beach’ ‘people all say that they want to do something different – but they all end up doing the same thing – me I’m here for the adventure’. In Chiangmai you see everywhere examples of what ‘independent’ travelers do – they ride elephants, go to a local tribe and do a fly wire trip of some sort. Unfortunately – if you do this you really are missing out. Almost invariably it is tacky and main stream and you learn little about the real culture – we really take people off the beaten track and get amongst real remote local culture – now we just have to help educate people about what this is. Do something different – get amongst it – stray. The photo shows Celia, Lola the backpacking baby, ouy – an agent, Yuval the guide and Andy one of our sydney crew – who Lola knew to be scared of


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