We must practice responsible tourism in Laos

Last night met the manager of one of the coolest bars I’ve ever been too – and ive done extensive research in this area. His name is rob and the bar is utopia in luang prabang (see the photos – love the vintage Honda on the pole). I had spent a few hours before talking to one of our guides about new activity to give more back to the areas in which we travel – so it was great that when I sat down with rob one of the first things that he mentioned was doing a shared volunteer program between our businesses – starting with cleaning the litter around luang prabang. Believe it or not the locals seem to care very little about their environment and us giving something back that is of real benefit can and should be something as simple as this. Look for it on our website soon or visit our stray shop or utopia in luang prabang.



3 Replies to “We must practice responsible tourism in Laos”

  1. Sounds like a great initiative Neil the shared volunteer programe

  2. Neil, get the Me Tarzan fruit shake, its awesome. I doubt they have protein shots tho

    1. Will do gene – I’m back there this evening to try and progress the rubbish picking up idea with rob. Are you trying to look like a bus driver with that photo gene – where’s the photo of you sitting by your computer?

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