Promoting Stray in Chiang Mai – cheap printing

I mentioned in an earlier rant that the biggest issue that we have here is making people aware of what we do – our trips really are better than the alternatives (based on feedback from my talking to many backpackers over a number of beers). We have created new promo stuff for Chiangmai – the stepping stone to Laos for most travelers. Soon to be distributed everywhere – I must say that the quality of everything is great and at a fraction of Nz prices. $1400 for 10,000 brochures, 100 posters and 12 double sided flags and stands incase anyone cares. Check out the photo’s – that is a bird fetus out of a fertilized egg incase you were wondering. Cheers



2 Replies to “Promoting Stray in Chiang Mai – cheap printing”

  1. Sabaidee Neil! Those signs are awesome (even if that bird picture is a little random)… Not sure if the Thai lady next to it is very impressed either… Holly

  2. The Thai lady is Aoy from golden roads travel – she’s probably just looking concerned as I have just left ten of those signs and 10000 brochures in her office. Bring on Nathan to distribute then next week.

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