I’ve been in Singapore for that past four days at a trade show promoting stray Asia. The show was great as I got another chance to tell agents stories about our stuff – new Cambodian services and new ‘off the beaten track stops’. I also got a chance to meet a number of new Thai operators with cool stuff that we can recommend as ‘ hop off’ options. I have to say though that Singapore isn’t my type of place – expensive – 28 dollars for a jack and coke, 198 for a basic hotel room per night (Right now im in a much flasher place in Bangkok for $40 per night) – too structured – only singaporeans are allowed to drive cabs, you have to tender for the right to own a car (currently 65,000 for ten years)…. Have you seen the movie ‘minority report’? The ‘long bar’ in raffles is seriously cool though – this is Tash from sta drinking a ‘ Singapore sling’.


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