Getting from Bangkok Airport (Suvarnabhumi) to Town

There are three good options for getting from the Bangkok Airport (Suvarnabhumi) to Khao San Road. My favourite is a meter taxi (demand that the meter is running). You get them from one floor down from the arrivals level. Follow the signs – you will see desks with people queuing. It helps to have your destination written in Thai but they always understand ‘khao San rd’. Make sure that you have small notes – 100’s at most. It will take about an hour and cost about 350 baht including road tolls. There is a limousine taxi service whos staff will accost you in the terminal – this is a total rip off and costs about 1500 baht. The cheapest option is the train – but there is no station near Khao San so you have to get the train to phyathai station then get a tuk tuk from there (up to half an hour). The train costs about 50 baht. Another good option is an airport bus which you get from further along from the taxis. Get ‘AE 2’ which stops at banglamp near khao San. It costs about 150 baht and will take about 1.5 hours.



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