Luang Prabang Film Festival

Sabaidee from Luang Prabang – now definitely on the map as one of the cultural riches of SE Asia, given the extremely successful Film Festival that was held here between 3rd-7th December. Stray Asia contributed to the Festival to assist in the printing of programs, making of tents and other entertainment, and to ensure it remains 100% free to viewers (which were an even mix of local Lao, and foreigners visiting the town). This is the 2nd year of the festival, which certainly celebrates South East Asian cinema. Last night I saw a delightful Thai comedy called Panya Reanu, about young love, determination, broken down buses and leeches. It was a laugh-out-loud movie, which even managed to gently poke fun at the Buddist Monks – including a scene where the head Monk tips the whole bowl of holy water over Panya’s head, as he complained he missed out on a blessing. Highly recommended. There was not a spare seat in the outdoor area, which is normally filled with market stalls on the edge of the main street Night Market. I just went out to get a baguette for my lunch, and noticed the screen coming down signifying the end of the festival – I will definitely be front row next year!

Before the guests arrive

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