Living in Luang Prabang

Hello readers – this week I am going to let you into my home, well, the garden anyway.

I made the move here to Luang Prabang only recently, and have now rented a house, which is absolutely beautiful. It has all the home comforts, including a fridge/freezer, water cooler, washing machine and a big flat screen TV (all of the above items are very rare in Lao homes, so we are very spoilt). Although, what it now has since I moved in with my industrious flatmate, Judith, is a Petanque course, which is the National Sport of Laos. We noticed a random pile of sand over the back fence of our house (well, it is actually in a section of our enormous backyard), and figured that would be a great way to add value to the place, and hopefully attract some of the neighbors to join us for a few games. Judith is very good, so I will need to practice and improve on my form – but in the meantime it is great fun to play as the sun goes down after a hard day at the Stray Asia HQ.

Our pentague pitch at my new home in Luang Prabang, Laos

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