No Tigers Here

Jugs and tiger
Jugs with the Wild Tiger of Laos

Stray crew Jugs and Whales went on a recent famil in Stray Asia and by all accounts had an amazing time!  Many stories have filtered back home and while some are unprintable here’s one gem!
“No tigers on my watch!”  Jugs and Whales were the last two travellers sitting round the fire in Stray Asia’s national park stop Tad Leuk.  They admittedly consumed a few Beer Laos when Whales spotted some strange lights in the distance. Since they were camping in the middle of nowhere, they jumped to the obvious conclusion(?!) that it must be poachers!  Whales spoke up “No tigers on my watch!” so they grabbed some torches and headed towards the light to investigate.  As they got deeper into the forest they stumbled upon the Stray bus and realised that the suspicious lights were in fact, the moonlight reflecting off the bus windows…  Thankfully, as far as we’re aware no tigers were harmed during their Stray Asia adventure.

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